I am a biographer and writer as well as historian and psychologist.
Since I began studying History (major) and Psychology (minor) on a part-time basis and English at "Universität Wien" in the second half of the 1970s, I have been dealing with biographical writing, genealogy and life stories. My first historical biography was my doctoral dissertation, "Siegfried, Graf Clary und Aldringen. Leben und Wirken eines österreich-ungarischen Diplomaten. 1848-1929.". I graduated with a doctorate in 1981.

Alongside my regular job, I began a second field of study: Political Science, Journalism and Communications Science (five semesters). Later I enrolled in post-graduate studies and continuing education in the fields of (international) business, management, sales and consulting.

My main employment for a number of years was in administration at the Vienna Airport, then at a UNESCO office in Vienna, where I worked as a translator in three languages. I also worked for more than 20 years at a U.N. organization in Vienna. After that I founded my own language school offering language courses for companies. Several years ago I was Several years ago I was director of a small American medical university in Belize in Central America.

After my graduation, I wrote a number of historical as well as contemporary biographies and partial biographies which appeared in book form in various publishing houses in Austria, Italy and the United States (Styria, Bonecchi, Österreichischer Bundesverlag, Ibera and World Audience). In addition, I wrote and illustrated company histories for the German publishing house Dr. Grüb Nachf., which were published in several editions of "Brossapress", a trade magazine (in several languages). You'll find a selection of my publications under References / Books. I hold lectures and offer seminars and workshops on biographical writing, autobiographical writing, job and company history.

I am a member of the "Heraldisch-Genealogische Gesellschaft Adler" in Vienna, the "Biographiezentrum" in Germany and the "Association of Personal Historians" in the USA.

Give me a call at +43(0)6641244019 or else send me an e-mail: helga.peham@Biografien-Peham.com